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Top 6 Best Wedding Hair Styling Tips for Rome Weddings

Wedding day hair and makeup is something very important decision like the dress for many brides. The most obvious aspect you should start the process is to think about the type of hair. Though Rome wedding hair and makeup stylists often seem like they can turn straw into gold, you should either contact them for your wedding in Rome or you can follow these amazing tips to enhance the best qualities for your bridal hair style.

Rome Wedding Hair and Make-Up

Do you want the wedding day hairstyle of your dreams? Check our list of top 6 hair styling tips to know what you can do to look beautiful on your big day in Rome:

  • Plan Early: – If you’ve colored, treated or permed your hair, then get it done at least one month before your wedding day. The more time your hair will get, the softer your hairs will be. However, the extra time can soften your hair style and look more natural. Even if any disaster strikes, you’ll have enough time to fix them.
  • Loosen Up Your Hair: – It’s highly recommended that you shouldn’t get your hair done too early on your wedding day and don’t wear it pulled back so tightly. If you’ll, then your scalp will be hurt and can get even a headache, if you have a disastrous hair updo for a long time.

Louise Faulkner Hair and Makeup Rome 2

  • Keep It Neat and Clean: – You’ll need to get trimmed your hairs a few weeks before your wedding so that they can clean up your tresses and reduce split ends of your hairs neatly.
  • Shop Around: – Try consulting more than one professional Rome wedding hair and makeup stylists for a trial run so that you can get to know the different varieties of styles suiting your hairs. There must be someone who specializes in providing best wedding hair and makeup styles for your wedding. After all, having your hair done for a big event like wedding can be different from getting everyday great cut or color.
  • Get Professional Help: – If you plan to do your hair yourself, then go for it. But, it’s suggested that you shouldn’t do it on your own. Have a good friend or a reliable Rome wedding hair and makeup stylist with you to give you a complete bridal look.
  • Be True to the Real You: – Don’t just go too over the top; otherwise your guests will keep wondering who that chick in the white dress is! Hence, you need to be true to the real you to ensure beautiful bridal look.

Louise Faulkner Hair and Makeup Rome 9

Conclusion: – Your wedding day look is about much more than your dress. Get some valuable beauty inspiration from the professionals for Rome wedding hair and makeup at The Rome Wedding Team to ensure a perfect and absolutely stunning hairdo on your most awaiting day, the wedding.

Don’t forget to leave your suggestions in the comment section below! And feel free to visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+! Your comments are highly appreciated.

Post by romeweddingteam (2016-06-30 04:15)

Tags: Makeup Hair Makeup Rome wedding hairstyles

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Top 4 Tips to Choose a Photographer for a Wedding Day

A wedding represents the beginning of a lifetime love and devotion. Hence, it’s highly recommended to preserve the precious moments with creative wedding photography ideas of a photographer who can capture the highlights of your big day. In fact, wedding photos usually accentuates the unconditional love shared between a groom and a bride. You’ll love these wedding shots that perfectly convey the exceptional moments on the biggest day of your life. One of the necessary aspects of weddings in Rome is to choose the right photographer to capture your wedding story. Here are some of the important aspects you can take note of to make the best selection of a Rome wedding photographer:



Top Things to Consider to Choose a Perfect Wedding Photographer

Photography Style – When choosing a photographer for a wedding in Rome, you need to find out the photography style through their past works. However, a good wedding photographer can do black and white, candid, and journalistic. Check out the photographer’s previous projects and understand the feel of the photography styles that you prefer the most.


Personality – Before getting a beautiful photo shoot from a Rome wedding photographer, keep in mind that the photographer will be working closely with you. However, your wedding day photographer must catch your points what exactly you want to say. After all, you can get some hints from a photographer’s personality like how he/ she introduce himself/ herself and also the task. The best way to know about them is to send a message and have a chat about your wedding details.

Familiarity with the Location – It’s necessary that your wedding photographer is familiar with the venues of your photo shoots in Rome. Professional photographers must know where the light comes from, what are the unique spots that complement the couple best with the background details and more. A photographer who is familiar with photography venues will be confident enough to click the shots of you and your significant other.


Preparation – Outdoor photo shoots can go wrong easily due to bad weather, crowded spots, unexpected closure of locations and more. Moreover, there are always a few changes that makes these things away from your wedding shoot. Check with the Rome wedding photographer and know about the backup plans when things go wrong suddenly.

A Final Thought – A wedding photography session begins with choosing the right wedding photographer. Looking at the wedding details for the photo shoot; you should choose the Rome wedding photographer of Rome Wedding Team. Siobhan Hegarty is a professional wedding photographer who can allow you to enjoy commemorating the intimate bonding of you and your significant other on your big day with innovative wedding photography ideas. Be sure of capturing the magical moments on the day you say ‘I Do’!

Do you have any more suggestion on wedding photography? Feel free to share them in the comment section below! Or you can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter ,, google+ and pinterest pages .

Post by romeweddingteam (2016-05-03 08:22)

Tags: wedding photographer wedding photographer

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Top Hair Styling Tips For Weddings In Rome

Planning a Wedding In Rome!!


The spectacular beauty of art, the ultimate charm of the immortal history, the friendliness of people, the authentic flavor of food and wine- getting married in Rome is such a unique experience, as no other city can offer such magical ambiance for a wedding as the Italian capital city!

Hair Styling- Is It Necessary For a Wedding?

In common, both girls and women love to experiment with new hair styling alternatives. When it comes to weddings in Rome, brides have countless options for their marriage look. But one thing is certain that your wedding day is not a bad hair day. As a bride, your hair must look more beautiful than ever.

Top Hair Styling Tips For Weddings In Rome

Talking about hairstyles, there must be two kinds of styles for brides, like something impressive and special or just simple! As per our opinion, the perfect solution is to choose your daily style with some many possible touches to look a bit more romantic, eye catching! Check out our tips to help you achieve the best bridal hairstyle suitable to you:


  • Braids are a must for brides who wants to be trendy. Just try out a braid or a skillful blend of multiple braids. In fact, a fishtail braid with small wildflowers can make you look really a romantic bride for your wedding in Rome. But the braid surrounds the head appear like a headband, which’ll look more simple and refined simultaneously.



  • If you love a simple hairstyle, then you should go for a ponytail. For your wedding day, you can think of a higher ponytail closed with a hair strip. If you want to look more romantic, then make a low, lateral ponytail falling gently along the shoulder.


  • Do you’ve short hair? There’re so many ideas for bridal hairstyles dedicated to women with short hair. You can use some accessories like headbands, hair bows and also veils.


  • If you’ve long hair and you love updo and to loose your hair down on your shoulders, then it can be a lovely compromise. Now-a-days more and more brides are wearing an updo during the ceremony and taking their hair down.


  • Always try to match your hairstyle to your gown and with the theme of your special wedding day. When considering wedding hairstyle, consider the type of gown you’ll be wearing. For instance, if your dress is formal, a sophisticated and elaborate updo might be the best choice. If your gown has some vintage look, make your hair loose with some flower buds or a stylish mix of braid.

Note. Whatever hairstyle you’ll choose following to your preference, remember that your hair is the frame of your beautiful face. Follow these few suggestions, no matter what your skin will glow, your eyes will shine, your hair will look divine and of course, the wedding day will be full of happiness!

Rome Wedding Hair and Make-Up

Conclusion. Your wedding is knocking at the door? Need suggestions! Louise Faulkner is a hair and makeup artist in Italy. She is also a part of Rome Wedding Team, which’s made up with a group of wedding service suppliers like wedding photographers, videographers, hair and makeup artist, florist, wedding bands and vintage and modern wedding car hire. Hence, it’s highly recommended to choose Rome Wedding Team for weddings in Rome and let the experts make your wedding day, a treasured one! For more details visit us at,,, and

Post by romeweddingteam (2016-04-07 05:05)

Tags: rome rome wedding Hair style Hair make up photographer

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Top 5 Beautiful Flowers To Sparkle a Rome Wedding

Imagine yourself walking along a beautiful garden with stunning flowers at their peak! Which flowers you should pick for your wedding? The most fragrant, the rarest, the unscented, or the colorful one! Feeling confused when deciding among all the thousands of varieties available? To help you out, I’ve discussed the top 5 most popular flowers for a wedding ceremony!


Rose is a symbol of beauty and love. Many romantic poets and writers have used rose as a metaphor for passion, emotion and true love. Though, roses are associated with luxurious fragrance, there’re three main types of candidates for your wedding floral decoration, like the hybrid tea roses, spray roses and garden roses.


Encircled by dark green colored, waxy leaves, this unique Gardenia offers a sultry, heavy scent. This exquisite fragrance was first captivated by an English sea captain while traveling along South Africa in 1754. Gardenias are amazingly tucked into a bouquet or floating in a bowl as a centerpiece. Even, a single gardenia can make a wonderful scented corsage or a hair accessory.

#Lily of the Valley

With the striking bell shape florets hanging from a thin stem, the lily of the valley is the most important addition to the wedding floral arrangements; which’s also known as the “Ladder to Heaven”. It has the fresh, fragrant scent, even in its tiny flowers. According to the Norse Mythology, this flower is connected to the goddess of springtime. However, this flower is commonly available in the spring; but are very expensive. But, if a fistful of lily of the valley might be your dream flower, then you should infuse just a few stems in a bouquet or use them as a centerpiece with its wonderful fragrance. You might know that it’s available only in white; but lily of the valley also comes in a very rare rosy-pink color.


Though it’s mainly associated with the Netherlands, but actually it’s a native of Persia. Representing itself as the “Consummation of love” and “Happy Years”, the tulip can be a meaningful alternative for a wedding. Usually, these flowers are grown in a wide array of colors, like white, cream, pastels like yellow, pink, peach, vibrant hues like magenta, red and purple. Available throughout the year, the common tulips are extremely reasonable, whereas the rare varieties are expensive. However, the versatile tulip can enhance the casual venues as well as the elegant wedding settings and can work very well in each and every type of permutation, from boutonnieres to table arrangements. Three common varieties of tulip are Dutch Tulips, French Tulips and Parrot Tulips.



With a large, full head, strong perfume and bright hue, Peony is a great addition to your wedding décor. The flower has got the Victorian meaning, “Bashfulnes”. Being cultivated in Asia for a few decades and developed further by the French, now it’s available in two main types like, the herbaceous and the tree peony. However, the bouquet of peonies can be gorgeous; even this flower can be used to make a stunning centerpiece and arrangements. Grown in single and double flower styles, this expensive bloom is available seasonally from the late spring to the early summer; but it can’t be imported during the fall season.


Need some additional advices and suggestions on the wedding floral arrangements for your wedding in Rome? The qualified, experienced Rome wedding florist of Rome Wedding Team can accomplish your decisions and deliver the best-ever floral decoration on your wedding day to remember forever. For immediate help, feel free to contact the professional, creative floral designer at your service!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts, experiences on wedding flowers in the comment section below!

For more details visit us at,,, and

Post by romeweddingteam (2016-02-05 08:04)

Tags: rome rome wedding florist wedding

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Wedding Hair and Make-up Specialist with a Blend of Perfection and Professionalism

If you are engaged and getting married in a few weeks time, you might be planning to look exceptionally beautiful on this big day of your life. Preparations must be on to make your surroundings and decoration as fantastic as possible. What special arrangements have been made to emphasize your bridal charm? Have you hired any professional to look after your wedding hair and make-up in Rome? Everything from bridal bands and gown to your Rome wedding facial make up must be perfect and in harmony with each other to make you look excellent on this special day. Bridal make up is something special and must be done by a qualified and experienced wedding hair and make-up specialist in order to give you the best touch possible. It includes enhancing all of your physical features including nails, hair, face, eyelashes, eyebrows and lips with professional care and quality materials. With the right Rome wedding hair and make up specialist, you will be able to get the compliment that a bride deserves. Everybody’s attention will be on your gorgeous make up style and finish showing in Rome wedding. You should neither feel frustrated or disappoint others with your poor hair and make up standard. We have proficient bridal hair and make up specialist to work on you for your big day and leave you with great elegance. With her service, you can surely distinguish yourself from other brides in your era and area. Our wedding make-up expert is a blend of professionalism and perfection and can help create lifetime memories in fantastic photographs.

Louise Faulkner Hair and Makeup RomeLouise Faulkner Hair and Makeup Rome

For feeling and looking amazingly beautiful, your bridal make-up stylist will have to think out of box and customize your look. No one can do this job better than our talented and passionate professional, Louise Faulkner who is always available to handle your bridal look more efficiently!

Louise Faulkner Hair and Makeup Rome15

We focus on your facial structure and hair type before coming with a perfectly fitting style to add to your bridal look. Be it is your desire to meet your own bridal photo fascination or be the talking point in the bridal reception, our Rome wedding hair and make up expert is ready to provide you the best possible service. We will aim on enhancing your beautiful traits and making them go them well with your bridal gown, floral deck, band etc. With our make-up and hair service, your experience as a bride will go beyond your expectation and fantasy.

Louise Faulkner Hair and Makeup Rome4

Be sure to consult with our hair and make-up professional who can make your bridal makeup complete with her twenty years experience. Our artist’s knowledge is vast and she can handle the look of any look and size of bride with utmost comfort and confidence. With her great idea on beauty trends and techniques, you can expect to get unsurpassed makeup for your wedding within a few hours. Just give us a chance to bring you an absolutely gorgeous looking makeup on your Rome wedding.

For enhancing your makeup experience and bridal appeal, make sure to contact with Rome Wedding Hair and Make-Up artist at Rome Wedding Team.

Post by romeweddingteam (2015-11-07 08:35)

Tags: wedding wedding photographer wedding florist wedding band

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