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Top Hair Styling Tips For Weddings In Rome

Planning a Wedding In Rome!!


The spectacular beauty of art, the ultimate charm of the immortal history, the friendliness of people, the authentic flavor of food and wine- getting married in Rome is such a unique experience, as no other city can offer such magical ambiance for a wedding as the Italian capital city!

Hair Styling- Is It Necessary For a Wedding?

In common, both girls and women love to experiment with new hair styling alternatives. When it comes to weddings in Rome, brides have countless options for their marriage look. But one thing is certain that your wedding day is not a bad hair day. As a bride, your hair must look more beautiful than ever.

Top Hair Styling Tips For Weddings In Rome

Talking about hairstyles, there must be two kinds of styles for brides, like something impressive and special or just simple! As per our opinion, the perfect solution is to choose your daily style with some many possible touches to look a bit more romantic, eye catching! Check out our tips to help you achieve the best bridal hairstyle suitable to you:


  • Braids are a must for brides who wants to be trendy. Just try out a braid or a skillful blend of multiple braids. In fact, a fishtail braid with small wildflowers can make you look really a romantic bride for your wedding in Rome. But the braid surrounds the head appear like a headband, which’ll look more simple and refined simultaneously.



  • If you love a simple hairstyle, then you should go for a ponytail. For your wedding day, you can think of a higher ponytail closed with a hair strip. If you want to look more romantic, then make a low, lateral ponytail falling gently along the shoulder.


  • Do you’ve short hair? There’re so many ideas for bridal hairstyles dedicated to women with short hair. You can use some accessories like headbands, hair bows and also veils.


  • If you’ve long hair and you love updo and to loose your hair down on your shoulders, then it can be a lovely compromise. Now-a-days more and more brides are wearing an updo during the ceremony and taking their hair down.


  • Always try to match your hairstyle to your gown and with the theme of your special wedding day. When considering wedding hairstyle, consider the type of gown you’ll be wearing. For instance, if your dress is formal, a sophisticated and elaborate updo might be the best choice. If your gown has some vintage look, make your hair loose with some flower buds or a stylish mix of braid.

Note. Whatever hairstyle you’ll choose following to your preference, remember that your hair is the frame of your beautiful face. Follow these few suggestions, no matter what your skin will glow, your eyes will shine, your hair will look divine and of course, the wedding day will be full of happiness!

Rome Wedding Hair and Make-Up

Conclusion. Your wedding is knocking at the door? Need suggestions! Louise Faulkner is a hair and makeup artist in Italy. She is also a part of Rome Wedding Team, which’s made up with a group of wedding service suppliers like wedding photographers, videographers, hair and makeup artist, florist, wedding bands and vintage and modern wedding car hire. Hence, it’s highly recommended to choose Rome Wedding Team for weddings in Rome and let the experts make your wedding day, a treasured one! For more details visit us at,,, and

Post by romeweddingteam (2016-04-07 05:05)

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