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Wedding Hair and Make-up Specialist with a Blend of Perfection and Professionalism

If you are engaged and getting married in a few weeks time, you might be planning to look exceptionally beautiful on this big day of your life. Preparations must be on to make your surroundings and decoration as fantastic as possible. What special arrangements have been made to emphasize your bridal charm? Have you hired any professional to look after your wedding hair and make-up in Rome? Everything from bridal bands and gown to your Rome wedding facial make up must be perfect and in harmony with each other to make you look excellent on this special day. Bridal make up is something special and must be done by a qualified and experienced wedding hair and make-up specialist in order to give you the best touch possible. It includes enhancing all of your physical features including nails, hair, face, eyelashes, eyebrows and lips with professional care and quality materials. With the right Rome wedding hair and make up specialist, you will be able to get the compliment that a bride deserves. Everybody’s attention will be on your gorgeous make up style and finish showing in Rome wedding. You should neither feel frustrated or disappoint others with your poor hair and make up standard. We have proficient bridal hair and make up specialist to work on you for your big day and leave you with great elegance. With her service, you can surely distinguish yourself from other brides in your era and area. Our wedding make-up expert is a blend of professionalism and perfection and can help create lifetime memories in fantastic photographs.

Louise Faulkner Hair and Makeup RomeLouise Faulkner Hair and Makeup Rome

For feeling and looking amazingly beautiful, your bridal make-up stylist will have to think out of box and customize your look. No one can do this job better than our talented and passionate professional, Louise Faulkner who is always available to handle your bridal look more efficiently!

Louise Faulkner Hair and Makeup Rome15

We focus on your facial structure and hair type before coming with a perfectly fitting style to add to your bridal look. Be it is your desire to meet your own bridal photo fascination or be the talking point in the bridal reception, our Rome wedding hair and make up expert is ready to provide you the best possible service. We will aim on enhancing your beautiful traits and making them go them well with your bridal gown, floral deck, band etc. With our make-up and hair service, your experience as a bride will go beyond your expectation and fantasy.

Louise Faulkner Hair and Makeup Rome4

Be sure to consult with our hair and make-up professional who can make your bridal makeup complete with her twenty years experience. Our artist’s knowledge is vast and she can handle the look of any look and size of bride with utmost comfort and confidence. With her great idea on beauty trends and techniques, you can expect to get unsurpassed makeup for your wedding within a few hours. Just give us a chance to bring you an absolutely gorgeous looking makeup on your Rome wedding.

For enhancing your makeup experience and bridal appeal, make sure to contact with Rome Wedding Hair and Make-Up artist at Rome Wedding Team.

Post by romeweddingteam (2015-11-07 08:35)

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